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C-Section Scar Pain

If you've had a baby by cesarean section, there is a chance that you may have persistent pain at the Cesarean scar site. Unfortunately, many general Ob/Gyns don't quite know what to do with this, leaving patients with little answers. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken to decrease this type of pain.

If you find that you are having cyclic cesarean scar pain, it's possible that you have endometriosis in the scar. When the uterus is incised to perform the delivery of your baby, the cells from the inside of the uterus can "seed" places outside the uterus. This includes the actual scar itself. In this case, revision and reapproximation of the scar may be the best thing to do.

Sometimes, the cesarean scar will scar more severely, or keloid. In this case, topical formulations such as steroids or even injections of steroids can reduce the inflammation which often leads to this type of pain.

If you have any symptoms greater than 6 months after your cesarean section, it's possible you may have one of these conditions. It is imperative to seek the advice of your dermatologist or a Gynecologist well-versed in what can be done to alleviate this sometimes debilitating condition.

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