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Cellulite treatment and skin tightening in Chicago

Got Dimples?

Do you have annoying cellulite, loose skin, or loose vaginal tissue?

Why do I have cellulite?

 While we do not know the exact cause of cellulite, scientists believe that it involves a defect in the fibrous connective cords that hold the skin to the underlying muscle.  The fat lies in between these cords. 


As your body makes more fat cells, they accumulate in this space and push up against the skin. During this process, the connective tissue cords pull down. This phenomenon makes an uneven surface or dimpling, like an orange peel.

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What are the treatment options for cellulite?

Vacuum surgical fat removal- invasive, painful, and expensive

Laser treatments- possibly painful


Sound wave therapy- quick and painless

Needling- possibly painful

Weight loss- always helpful

How does Cliovana work for cellulite?

Cliovana soundwave therapy has proven, painless technology for cellulite, body shaping, skin tightening, stretch marks and scars.

Soundwave therapy stimulates fat breakdown in cells with the targeted use of sound. It enhances the elasticity of connective tissue and improves skin tone, thus decreasing the visible signs of cellulite and the appearance of dimples and bumps. This results in smoother, tighter, and more toned skin, improved elasticity, and visible improvements to cellulite.

Additionally, this innovative therapy can tighten the skin of the vulva, giving an overall more lifted appearance.

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What is the cellulite treatment process?

The consultation

At your initial visit, we will perform a thorough physical exam of your problem areas.  We will also discuss your wants and needs and review all of your options. All this is done in a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere.

The procedure

We first begin with welcoming you to a private room, to make sure you feel safe and comfortable.  Our Board-Certified practitioner will review your history.  Once in the procedure room, we will perform the procedure, which can take up to 15 minutes, and is pain-free.  We usually perform two treatments weekly until your desired result is obtained, which usually takes about 4 weeks.

The recovery

After the procedure it is normal to experience some throbbing and minor bruising. These will usually resolve over the course of several days.

Is Cliovana cellulite and skin tightening right for me?

If you're looking for a quick, easy, minimally invasive, and pain-free way to reduce cellulite and tighten skin, then Cliovana is right for you.  


Iris C.

"She was so great. Incredibly real, understanding, and down to E"Jasmine and Trinity are AMAZING practitioners! I have never really felt comfortable with previous gynecologist offices, especially since I've had to experience some fairly rude practitioners in the past-but Jasmine made me feel so comfortable before, during, and after my pap."arth. I would go back to her anytime I possibly could."

Stephanie K.

"I am absolutely amazed! I hate going to the Dr. because usually I book through a large hospital network and have to wait for 3 months before I can be seen. I called the office to see if they took my insurance on Friday, and went in for my first appointment today. 
Dr. Williams, was warm, informative, educational, patient, kind, and gentle.  She asked about what I was experiencing, what information I was operating under, then gave me logic, science and facts to back up her recommendations."

Joan D.

"The entire office is warm and welcoming promoting patient confidence in the cutting edge treatments offered. Dr. Williams concern for patient comfort is always a top priority. Every step is explained in such an informative manner that any fear of pain is eliminated. She brought me from feeling miserable to healthy normal. I’ve recommended her to friends and they’ve been extremely grateful. She’s great!"

Book your consultation to learn more about Cliovana cellulite and skin tightening treatment

Contact us online or by calling 312.929.9191 to book your consultation or to learn more about skin tightening treatments and the personalized Gynecology Institute of Chicago way.

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