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Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation in Chicago

Unhappy with your look?

Vaginal irritation in your yoga pants?  

Frequent yeast infections?

Sexual pain?

Do your labia "get in the way?"

Labiaplasty may be the procedure for you


We are here to help

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Why is my labia enlarged?

The exact cause of labial hypertrophy (excessive growth) is unknown, but it is considered multi-factorial. Being born with the condition as a result of genes, hormones during adolescence or pregnancy, genital piercing, lacerations from childbirth, weight gain or weight loss, extensive bicycling or horseback riding, sexual intercourse, and any chronic mechanical stretching predispose someone to have the condition.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical treatment performed to reduce the size of the labia. After undergoing this small procedure, women may have better sexual experiences, feel better about their bodies or just have more vaginal comfort.


The procedure modifies the inner (labia minora) and sometimes also the outer lips (labia majora) of the vagina. The procedure takes one or two hours and is performed with the use of general or local anaesthesia. You are back to work after two days and the total recovery time is to up to six weeks.


The effects are long term and previous patients experience a rejuvenated look with smaller labia that still function normally. This procedure is also called vaginal rejuvenation. 

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What types of Labiaplasty procedures are there?

The Trim technique removes the outer portion of the labia. This is the most common type of labiaplasty.


The 'Wedge Resection' technique removes a middle section, bringing the edges either up or down, which can give a lifted look.

Central de-epithelialization excision removes the mid portion of the labia.



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What are the benefits of Labiaplasty?

May enhance sexual pleasure.

Improve the aesthetics of the labia minora.

Reduce discomfort.

Relatively quick procedure with long lasting results.


What is the treatment process of Labiaplasty?

The consultation

There is a reason why more than half of the patients at The Gynecology Institute are referrals. We provide every patient with expert guidance through an informative, nonjudgmental process regardless of their budget.  We will discuss all your areas of concern in detail. This safe, comfortable experience provides patients with the results that leave them happy to share with their friends.

The procedure

We first begin with welcoming you to a private room, to make sure you feel safe and comfortable. The procedure is performed in our spa like clinic, and lasts from one hour to two hours. It is performed with the use of general or local anaesthesia.

The recovery

It usually takes six weeks for the tissue to heal completely, but the area continues to improve for up to six months. During the first day or two after the procedure, it is best to rest at home to minimize swelling, pain, and to keep the bleeding or spotting to a minimum. Ice packs and oral anti-inflammatory medications are useful, as well as topical antibiotics. Ice packs should be used intermittently for 20-30 minutes and are best if a damp, soft cloth is placed around the pack. Loose clothing should be worn for 14 days. Sexual relations and vigorous exercise should be avoided for 6 weeks or after the post operative visit.

Gynecologist vs. Plastic Surgeon

When considering a physician to perform your labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation, you must do your homework.  You want a surgeon well trained in the anatomy, physiology, and natural function of the vagina.  
Dr. Williams has training under a world renowned Urogynecologist learning about the pelvic floor, its function, and the proper physiologic repair of this vital organ.


Most plastic surgeons have little, if any, training in vaginal surgery.  They may be fantastic at face, breast, or abdomen, but when it comes to your vagina, you want a highly trained Gynecologist taking care of you.

Financing options

We offer multiple ways of financing your cosmetic labiaplasty, from accepting all major credit cards to payment plan options to care credit.


We will work together to determine what is best for you and your wallet.


Joan D.

"The entire office is warm and welcoming promoting patient confidence in the cutting edge treatments offered. Dr. Williams concern for patient comfort is always a top priority. Every step is explained in such an informative manner that any fear of pain is eliminated. She brought me from feeling miserable to healthy normal. I’ve recommended her to friends and they’ve been extremely grateful. She’s great!"

Stephanie K.

"I am absolutely amazed! I hate going to the Dr. because usually I book through a large hospital network and have to wait for 3 months before I can be seen. I called the office to see if they took my insurance on Friday, and went in for my first appointment today. 
Dr. Williams, was warm, informative, educational, patient, kind, and gentle.  She asked about what I was experiencing, what information I was operating under, then gave me logic, science and facts to back up her recommendations."

Iris C.

"Jasmine and Trinity are AMAZING practitioners! I have never really felt comfortable with previous gynecologist offices, especially since I've had to experience some fairly rude practitioners in the past-but Jasmine made me feel so comfortable before, during, and after my pap."

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