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Reaching Menopause?

Menopause Treatment in Chicago

Do you have irregular periods? 

Hot flashes? Chills?

Mood changes? 

Night sweats?

Thinning hair?

Weight gain?


We are here to help

Smiling Woman

What is Menopause?

Menopause is the end of your menstrual cycles. The definition of menopause is 12 consecutive months without a period. It can occur anytime between 40-55 years old.  However, the average age is 51 in the United States.

Perimenopause is the time of life leading up to the menopausal transition.  Fertility will decrease, and periods will become irregular.  Women may start having perimenopausal symptoms as early as their mid to late 30's.  Symptoms of perimenopause may include mood swings, decreased libido, sleep disturbances, even some hot flashes.

Many women bemoan the onset of menopause as the loss of youth and vitality.  To the contrary, menopause can be an entirely liberating experience.  With guidance from your pracitioners at the GIC, all well-versed in the lastest in bioidentical and traditional hormone therapy, we can help you live your best life.

What are the treatment options for Menopause?

The treatments for menopause and perimenopausal symptoms span from hormone therapy such as Bioidentical hormone therapy to traditional hormone therapy.  We also offer newer alternatives which include non-hormonal medications.  Additionally, we support alternative medicine such as plant based alternatives, herbals, diet, and lifestyle changes. Vaginal treatments for dryness and sexual enhancement are also offered.

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What symptoms can Hormone Therapy treat?

Sex Drive and Libido



Hot Flashes and Sweats


Mood management


Does Menopause need treatment or management?


Menopause is a natural part of life and does not require treatment.  However, up to 80% of women will experience bothersome symptoms and may desire support.


The consultation

At your initial visit, which may also be virtual, we will discuss all your symptoms and goals.  We also offer in office laboratory evaluation and testing.  We will then review your options and next steps.

The treatments

Your menopause management plan will be personalized to your goals and we will monitor your progress every few months until your optimal results have been reached.


Iris C.

"Jasmine and Trinity are AMAZING practitioners! I have never really felt comfortable with previous gynecologist offices, especially since I've had to experience some fairly rude practitioners in the past-but Jasmine made me feel so comfortable before, during, and after my pap."

Stephanie K.

"I am absolutely amazed! I hate going to the Dr. because usually I book through a large hospital network and have to wait for 3 months before I can be seen. I called the office to see if they took my insurance on Friday, and went in for my first appointment today. 
Dr. Williams, was warm, informative, educational, patient, kind, and gentle.  She asked about what I was experiencing, what information I was operating under, then gave me logic, science and facts to back up her recommendations."

Joan D.

"The entire office is warm and welcoming promoting patient confidence in the cutting edge treatments offered. Dr. Williams concern for patient comfort is always a top priority. Every step is explained in such an informative manner that any fear of pain is eliminated. She brought me from feeling miserable to healthy normal. I’ve recommended her to friends and they’ve been extremely grateful. She’s great!"

Book your consultation to treat your

Menopause symptoms

Contact us online or by calling 312.929.9191 to book your consultation or to learn more about menopause treatments and the personalized Gynecology Institute of Chicago way.

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