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Heavy Period or Heavy Menstruation Treatment in Chicago

Heavy Bleeding?

Do you experience long, frequent or heavy menstrual cycles?

We are here to help

Why do I have Heavy Bleeding or Heavy Menstrual Periods?

There are many causes for heavy or irregular bleeding. If you are premenopausal, the causes can be a hormonal imbalance such as PCOS, fibroids, polyps or other reasons why your bleeding is out of control.

At the Gynecology Institute of Chicago, we are actively researching alternative options for heavy periods.

We will investigate your condition fully, offering on site lab testing and in office ultrasound for a quick results turnaround.


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What are the treatment options for heavy periods?

Hormone balancing


Traditional medical therapy


Antioxidant therapy to herbal remedies

Dietary changes

Or procedure based therapy such as hysteroscopy or endometrial ablation

Why might I need a hysteroscopy?

At the Gynecology Institute of Chicago we are proud to offer the hysteroscopy for evaluation of heavy menstrual bleeding and the NovaSure endometrial ablation treatment.


Hysteroscopy is a surgical procedure that allows your physician to more closely evaluate the inside of the uterus.  We look for polyps, scarring, or other abnormalities that may cause heavy cycles or interfere with implantation.

Endometrial ablation applies radiofrequency energy to the lining of the uterus. It leaves the uterus intact while reducing the amount you bleed during periods. For some people, the menstrual flow might stop completely after this procedure.


What is the  process of hysteroscopy or endometrial ablation?

The consultation

At your initial visit, we will review any previous labs and scans that you provide.  We will also discuss your wants and needs and review all of your options.  If necessary, we will order more tests and decide together your best course of action.  All this in a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere.

The procedure

We first begin with welcoming you to a private room, to make sure you feel safe and comfortable.  Our Certified anesthetist will review your history.  Once in the procedure room, anesthesia will be established and a lighted camera will be gently inserted into the uterus.  If any abnormalities are evident, we will remove the diseased tissue and send for analysis.  If an ablation is to be performed, it will occur shortly thereafter.

The recovery

After the procedure it is normal to experience a thin, watery discharge. The discharge may be bloody or mixed with blood. During the first few months your period should improve over time. If your discharge changes in color or smell, or if you have a fever >100.6, please call us right away.

Is Hysteroscopy or Endometrial Ablation Treatment right for me?

Women with heavy or long-lasting periods with polyps, fibroids, or other uterine abnormalities may be candidates for the procedure. Your Chicago Gynecologist at the Gynecology Institute can discuss this more.  Additionally, if you no longer desire children, and we have excluded more serious causes of heavy bleeding, an endometrial ablation may be a good option.  We will discuss other options at your visit to fulfill your desires.


Benefits of Endometrial Ablation Treatment

Less bleeding at menstruation 

Improved lifestyle 

as you don’t have to worry about your heavy periods as much.

Better energy levels, improved mood and increased self-confidence.


Iris C.

"She was so great. Incredibly real, understanding, and down to E"Jasmine and Trinity are AMAZING practitioners! I have never really felt comfortable with previous gynecologist offices, especially since I've had to experience some fairly rude practitioners in the past-but Jasmine made me feel so comfortable before, during, and after my pap."arth. I would go back to her anytime I possibly could."

Stephanie K.

"I am absolutely amazed! I hate going to the Dr. because usually I book through a large hospital network and have to wait for 3 months before I can be seen. I called the office to see if they took my insurance on Friday, and went in for my first appointment today. 
Dr. Williams, was warm, informative, educational, patient, kind, and gentle.  She asked about what I was experiencing, what information I was operating under, then gave me logic, science and facts to back up her recommendations."

Joan D.

"The entire office is warm and welcoming promoting patient confidence in the cutting edge treatments offered. Dr. Williams concern for patient comfort is always a top priority. Every step is explained in such an informative manner that any fear of pain is eliminated. She brought me from feeling miserable to healthy normal. I’ve recommended her to friends and they’ve been extremely grateful. She’s great!"

Book your consultation to treat

Heavy Bleeding and Heavy Periods

Contact us online or by calling 312.929.9191 to book your consultation or to learn more about heavy period treatments and the personalized Gynecology Institute of Chicago way.

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