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Frequently asked questions for The Gynecology Institute of Chicago 


As a patient, we want you to feel comfortable with your care. Therefore we have listed the most common questions to help you on your journey.

  • How do I make an appointment?
    We have many ways you can book with us. You can book online or in person with the buttons at the top of your screen. To check immediate availability that may not be online, please call us at 312.929.9191 .
  • What insurance do you take?
    Blue Cross/Blue Shield Blue Cross HMO of Advocate Blue Cross HMO of Ascension Blue Choice United Healthcare CIGNA Aetna Humana Medicare We will attempt verification of your insurance prior to your appointment in an effort to eliminate unnecessary billing. However, we highly recommend that you call your insurer personally to ensure we are in your network. Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicaid.
  • What should I bring to my first appointment?
    In order to properly diagnose and treat your specific condition, it is imperative that you bring any and all laboratory results, imaging studies, and pertinent records to your appointment for physician review. You can also email them in advance to at your discretion.
  • How do I get to your office?
    We have two locations to serve you: 1147 S. Wabash, the corner of Roosevelt and Wabash above Trader Joe's and at 1351 W. Belmont, just east of Southport. There is a garage located immediately across from the Wabash office. At the Belmont office, there is easy street parking.
  • I'm coming for an annual. Can we address other issues?
    Please keep in mind that an annual exam is there for your wellness. We cover routine care, STI screening, health checks, and bloodwork. We are happy to discuss and treat any problem you may have as well at the time of your exam. However, it may be billed to your insurance as a problem visit as well.
  • How to I get my results?
    All results will be reviewed by a provider and posted to your patient portal, usually in 7-10 business days. Once logged into the portal, click “Records” and then “Docs and Images” to view individual result reports. If you have a question about your results, please send a secure portal message and we will return your inquiry in 48-72 hours.
  • How can I ask my provider a question?
    All patients have access to the AdvancedMD patient portal. Once you register with a username and password, you are able to send secure messages to your provider. We can help you register at the time of your appointment. We will get back to you in 48-72 hours.
  • How can I pay my bill?
    Visit the patient portal. You will find a link there with your account information. If you require a payment plan or have a more specific question, please call us directly 312.929.9191.
  • I'm on my period. Can I still have my pap test?
    We recommend not performing a pap test during the heaviest days of menstruation, as this could trigger an abnormal result.
  • How do I get refills?
    We will generally provide refills for at least 1 year for routine medications. Contact your pharmacy if you are within this time frame. Outside of that, we will provide another 3 months and a visit will then be required.
  • I was on the phone with my provider. Will my insurance get billed?
    It depends on multiple factors. We take into account the length of time of the call, the issues discussed, and the complexity of the evaluation. We will then bill your insurance and you may receive an invoice toward your deductible.
  • Are you open on Saturdays?
    We are open at our Wabash location, one Saturday each month. Call 312.929.9191 to nab one of these popular appointments!
  • How do I schedule my procedure or surgery?
    Simple. After you and your provider have discussed your wants and desires, reach out to and let us know you're ready! Our surgery scheduler will get in touch within 1-2 weeks to coordinate a date and time. It also may take some time to get insurance approval, up to 4 weeks in some cases. You will then have an in-person pre procedure visit before your surgery to review everything in more detail. For cash-based procedures, it's even easier! Just call or email and we will get you in at the next available appointment.

Still have questions?

Please reach out to us.

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