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Sexual pain/ Dyspareunia

Approximately 10-20% of women suffer from sexual pain or dyspareunia. Along with decreased libido, these conditions comprise most of the sexual problems that women deal with during their lifetimes. Although many women are affected after menopause, a significant number of women in their reproductive years suffer in silence. Unfortunately, treatments are limited. However, we at the GIC offer alternatives with a complete program of targeted muscle exercises from our referring pelvic floor therapists, steroid injections, and vaginal relaxation.


We work with a female friendly sex shop, Early2Bed, to empower women with knowledge and choice. For example, this useful dilator kit can help women with vaginismus, muscle spasm with sexual contact, progressively relax the vaginal muscles in order to facilitate pain free and enjoyable intercourse. Talk with your health care provider or make an appointment with us to learn more.

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