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Endometriosis: Hidden Pain

We welcome our guest blogger, Lisa Seaman, LAc writing about how alternative methods can help the most frustrating of gynecologic problems: endometriosis. Thank you, Lisa!

Endometriosis and Acupuncture:

A Lifestyle Medicine Approach

More than 5 million women in the U.S. have it – yet for many, endometriosis remains shrouded in mystery. Why is it some women experience tremendous pain, while others have very little?

As an acupuncturist for over a decade, I have worked with many women with endometriosis, and have seen the debilitating pain of a chronic condition take a mental and physical toll.

Acupuncture is well know for treating pain and research has shown it to have significant results when treating endometriosis, “The total effective rate ('cured', 'significantly effective' or 'effective') for auricular acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine was 91.9% and 60% respectively.”

Acupuncture points and herbal formulas are chosen in accordance to each woman’s pattern diagnosis and can vary from person the person. The acupuncture points and herbs chosen help to move blood, break up stagnation and stop pain. Each point and herb selected has its own therapeutic importance in the treatment. Needles are usually retained for 20 to 45 minutes. Prescribed herbal formulas vary from person to person.

The treatment of endometriosis with acupuncture usually requires a commitment of enough time to support the body's systems. This will vary from one woman to another, and will be dependant on the severity of the disease. If it has taken years for the endometriosis to progress, it will take some time to repair the damage and get the body back into equilibrium and balance.

To start healing your endometriosis with a lifestyle medicine approach, along with the support of your physician, schedule your appointment today.

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