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Nurse's Notes

My name is Sarah and I am the Nurse Practitioner working with Dr. Williams. I am very excited to join The Gynecology Institute of Chicago team and wanted to give everyone a little background about me:

My passion for nursing started in childhood. During the summer we would spend time with my Great Aunt who was bedridden from rheumatoid arthritis. I loved helping her any way I could from getting her a glass of water, to telling her a joke to brighten her day. Spending time with my Great Aunt helped me determine that I wanted to have a career of helping others, so I choose to become a nurse. I attended the University of Michigan School of Nursing, where I earned my BSN. After receiving my degree I headed to New York City to begin my career.

After several years of working in New York, I became a travel nurse. I traveled to a variety of different Intensive Care Units around the country. Through this journey I realized that I wanted to refocus my career on health prevention, so I attended the University of Belmont in Nashville, TN. At Belmont University I earned my Master’s in Nursing. After earning my Nurse Practitioner degree I choose to relocate to Chicago.

In Chicago I began working at an urgent and primary care clinic. I loved being able to work in an environment where I was able to get know my patients and work on health promotion. As I continued to refine my practice I decided I wanted to focus my career on women’s health promotion and wellness.

Working at the GIC means being part of a compassionate team that focuses on women’s reproductive health. I am so happy to get to work alongside these talented individuals everyday. I look forward to working with a variety of patients and will make their health my #1 priority.

Yours in Health,


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