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Labiaplasty before and after!

We were so excited about today's labiaplasty that we want to share the results here. Our lovely patient had pain, chafing, and sometimes tearing with intercourse as well as an overall dark, unappealing look to her inner labia:

Labiaplasty before

After a complimentary consultation, our patient has decided on our curvilinear method for removal of the unappealing brown portions of her labia. Here we are halfway through the surgery:

Labiaplasty Chicago

As you can see, the darker portion has been removed and we are reapproximating the sections. This is what the final result looks like immediately after surgery:

Labiaplasty after

As you can see, the labia are smaller and sit evenly. The unappealing dark sections have been removed, revealing a healthy pink underside. She should be able to wear her leggings now and do yoga without any problem!

Yours in Gynecology,

Dr. Nicole E Williams, MD, FACOG

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