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Candida Overgrowth Syndrome

We welcome our guest blogger, Dr. Alan Bain, an expert in Candida. Read below to learn more about this complex condition:

My name is Dr. Alan Bain and I am the director of the Chicago Health and Wellness Alliance in downtown Chicago. I am very honored and fortunate to be working with such an open-minded physician like Dr. Williams in this very complex and complicated and misunderstood issue called Candida Overgrowth syndrome.

I’ve been very excited to offer very simple changes for my patients that some more conservatively-oriented physicians might perhaps not be aware of or even sometimes recognize as of value. I have been working with this for over 16 years in my practice. I like to also call it “Sugar Overload Syndrome”.

Ultimately, we doctors see patients clinically and oftentimes the blood results don’t show the problem, especially for yeast / candida issues, unless you look for it. There are many many people who suffer from abnormal periods, sadness, obesity, sugar intolerance, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and even brain fog that may be attributed to Candida issues.

Our patients go through multiple tests, go to multiple doctors and they still cannot find answers. More and more patients have to work on their own to try to figure out answers and so they have to resort to "Dr Google" Sometimes Dr Google helps and sometimes it makes more confusion. I, as a more comprehensive interdisciplinary-inclined practitioner, have been working with Candida/Sugar Overload Syndrome for a long time.

It never ceases to amaze me how under the right conditions, people’s lives are being changed day in and day out with simply stopping yeast and sugar in their diet and adding an anti candida agent as well. I’ve seen people gain more energy, have more regular periods, think more clearly and lose more weight than they ever have. After many many years of suffering with no hope in sight, these simple little changes can alter people’s lives drastically.

I am here to share with you that changing the diet and seeing a practitioner who understands anti yeast/sugar and gluten-free measures will go miles and miles for the patient. More and more people are getting ill from illnesses that have no name and have no clear cut diagnosis. There is some research that suggests that Candida Overgrowth can blunt a person’s immune system that could lead to many types of problems. Also, Candida Syndrome could be viewed as a strong factor which might exacerbate already complex and complicated, existing diagnoses.

Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to share my thoughts about this very important issue.

Dr. Alan Frederick Bain

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