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A NEW way to test for Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common complaints seen at gynecology offices. Bacterial vaginosis can easily be treated with antibiotics. Currently there is an emerging resistance to antibiotics. This requires cultures to be taken to confirm the increase in abnormal bacteria in the vagina prior to treating. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to test for this common condition? Previously, cultures were sent to the lab, which could take up to 7 days to return results. Now, we have a new bedside test that can confirm the presence of increased bacteria in under 10 minutes! We easily take a small sample of the discharge, then place it in the testing medium. After 10 minutes have passed, we can determine if your results are positive or negative.

If the solution turns yellow, then the discharge is a normal discharge and no further treatment is needed.

If the solution turns blue or green, you are positive for bacterial vaginosis and treatment will be sent into the pharmacy before you leave the office! If you suspect any changes to your vaginal discharge, or think you may have BV, come into the office for rapid bedside testing, and know right away!

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