Cash price list for The Gynecology Institute

Starting January 1, 2019, hospitals are now required to post the prices for their services. Although clinics and offices are not, we have decided to also abide by these guidelines.

We recognize that some of our patients do no have insurance coverage and may need to pay for visits individually. We will be updating this blog periodically and will be adding more detail as demand dictates.

In order to plan your visit appropriately, here are some cash prices for our most popular services. Keep in mind, we also take credit cards. Thank you again for your patronage!


Well-woman visit with Pap and HPV testing: $275

Well-woman visit with Pap, HPV, and Gonorrhea/Chlamydia: $375

Visit with STD testing or UTI or Bacterial vaginosis: $250

New patient consult ONLY: $225


Pelvic OR Transvaginal Ultrasound: $350

Obstetric Ultrasound: $400

Breast Ultrasound: $325

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