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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Are you distressed by your low sexual desire or problems with orgasm?

More than 10% of women in the United States suffers from problems with sexual function. In the past, there were few tools for doctors to use to aid their patients with this enormously distressing condition. Women have tried self medication, herbal remedies, and other forms with varying success. However, there is new hope on the horizon with medical treatments and office procedures.

Vyleesi is a newly approved prescription medication for pre-menopausal women to treat hypoactive (low) sexual desire disorder. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) is decreased desire to have sexual intercourse despite the situation or the partner. Vyleesi is an injectable medication (a tiny shot) that is used 45 minutes before you begin sexual activity. Do you think you could have HSDS? Answer these 4 questions below:

  1. In the past, was your level of sexual desire or interest good and satisfying to you? (Y) (N)

  2. Has there been a decrease in your level of sexual desire or interest? (Y) (N)

  3. Are you bothered by your decreased level of sexual desire or interest? (Y) (N)

  4. Would you like your level of sexual desire or interest to increase? (Y) (N)

If problems with climax is an issue for you, treatments for diminished orgasm include the use of the CO2 vaginal laser. FemTouch is a unique treatment which allows for stimulation of the vaginal tissue which resurfaces and rejuvenates the vaginal tissue, may improve orgasm. Learn more HERE.

Make an appointment to discuss your intimate concerns with us today and learn about your new options. Click HERE to make an appointment.

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