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How GIC is responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

It has been a little over six weeks since the shock of COVID-19 swept the nation and the shelter-in-place order took effect in Illinois. The Gynecology Institute of Chicago immediately jumped into action to develop a plan to keep our doors open to care for our patients that need us, now more than ever. Dr. Williams and her staff decided as a team that delivering quality patient care was at the forefront, and the doors have remained open since the stay-at-home order was put in to place.

The office has reduced in-person hours to limit exposure to patients, but has offered other solutions to reach those who are at home. Dr. Williams is offering “virtual visits” via phone and video chat that allow patients to voice their concerns and get the care they need without having to leave the house. The Institute has implemented new procedures to slow the spread, such as spacing out patients in the lobby, additional cleaning and sanitizing after every visit, wearing appropriate protective equipment, and limiting non-essential visitors from patient rooms. The quick response and flexibility in the face of these difficult circumstances has kept our staff and our patients safe.

Here at The Gynecology Institute, we are so grateful we have the opportunity to stay open for our patients, and the impact we are making during these trying timeshas not gone unnoticed. One patient says, “I am so appreciative that this practice kept their doors open for patient emergencies and the care I received here was wonderful.”

Physician Assistant, Allison Holcomb, says, “I believe we are truly making a difference by staying open and available for those patients who are having gynecologic emergencies and are unable to receive care elsewhere. Knowing we are positively impacting people, even in the smallest ways, gives all of us here at GIC a sense of purpose and relief during this uncertain time.” Owner and director of the Institute, Dr. Nicole Williams, says, “Our being here is helping patients on multiple levels: yes, we are providing care, but we are also giving some sense of normalcy and continuity while the world is panicking.”

The mission of the Institute remains the same: to offer complete, holistic care in the evaluation of the entire woman as a person. The devotion and passion that we have for our patients will not waver during the COVID-19 pandemic, and our office will continue to adjust to the changes that are thrown our way!

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