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Is my Vagina "Fresh?"

There is a lot of anxiety surrounding the "freshness" of my patients' vaginas. Unfortunately, social pressures and history has maligned this most glorious organ, making even the modern woman concerned that her particular vagina is not meeting some type of freshness standard.

Firstly, your vagina should not smell like open fields of daisies, rose water, or steamy herbs. Your vagina should smell like YOU. You have a signature scent, which may change throughout a lifetime and even throughout the month depending on your diet, hydration, and hormonal fluctuations.

Second, if some pathetic bugger has the nerve to say your vagina isn't fresh, then it's probably them, not you. Your wonderful vagina has the smell it's supposed to have.

Lastly, please do not purchase any products that are allegedly supposed to make your vagina fresh without talking to a vagina pro first. Save your money and buy stock instead.

Now, if you believe your scent has changed markedly, or if you notice an increase in your fluids, then of course be sure to stop by your friendly neighborhood vagina doctor to be checked out. We believe in vaginal health maintenance.

Happy Vaginas, Everyone!

Dr. Nicole E. Williams, MD, FACOG, FACS

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