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The Abortion Pill

As I sit here in my "safe" state of Illinois, I cannot help but question everything about my country. We are facing the demise of what was once thought as settled precedent, untouchable, a woman's right to choose what she does with her body. As a women's health specialist and believer in CHOICE and having actually performed abortions myself, I am now frightened on what will happen after the decision is struck down.

Will there be an increase in unwanted pregnancy, and therefore, unwanted children which may result in an uptick in future violence?


Will there be an increase in unsafe abortions and morbidity and (God forbid) mortality with illegal and unsafe abortions?


Will African American and Hispanic women suffer disproportionately because of this decision and lack of access to contraception and education?


Will the Gynecology Institute of Chicago carry the abortion pill?


If you find yourself with an unwanted pregnancy and are <10 weeks pregnant, you can take the abortion pill. Actually, it's not one pill, there is a protocol which has proven to be SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Don't wait. Click HERE for a consultation with me.

Power to the Women,

Dr. Nicole E. Williams

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