Treatments and Herbals 

Browse our trusted therapeutic products from our partners.  Here you will find all of the recommended therapies, supplements, sexual health support, and herbal products you will need for your healthy lifestyle!

Decrease painful sex with Therawand at home at least twice weekly.
Safe at HOME Testing
With My Lab Box, you can test at home and discuss your results with us remotely.
Soft Vaginal Dilators
These dilators are so soft and easy to insert to help facilitate penetrative sex.
Best lubricant on the market, and a CHICAGO based company!
Chasteberry for PMS/Cramps
To improve symptoms of PMS and painful menstrual periods.
Herbal Menopause Support
Herbal treatment for hot flashes
Vaginal Health Probiotic
Vaginal health probiotic, Ultraflora Women's and Ultraflora Balance
EstroFactors with DIM
Promotes healthy estrogen metabolism
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Best vaginal probiotic EVER!

"Love this supplement - using a balanced diet to ensure you are taking care of your body and feeding it the nutrition that it desires!"

--Jennifer L.


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