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Improve Sexual Health with Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

At the Gynecology Institute of Chicago, we utilize some of the most advanced technology in laser vaginal rejuvenation for conditions such as painful sex, vaginal dryness, menopausal symptoms, sagging vaginal skin from weight loss or age, and even reduces stress urinary incontinence.  We are the FIRST Gynecologist in downtown Chicago to embrace this highly effective technology.  The Femtouch Goddess system by Lumenis ALSO intensifies normal female sexual function, which can result in a more sexually satisfying experience, and even a better "O!"  Find out if laser vaginal rejuvenation for vaginal tightening, lubrication, and satisfaction is right for you!

Dr. Williams discusses how vaginal lasers work to improve women's vaginal health

Femtouch Goddess Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation: What

you need to know

What patients really like about having laser vaginal therapy:

  • Quick – 3 to 5 minute, in-office procedure

  • Comfortable – NO anesthesia needed!

  • No Downtime – Return to Your Normal Life

  • AND a better "O!"

  • Versatile treatment that can be customized – allowing ablation and coagulation at the same time, or tunable to remove one or the other depending on the conditions being treated

  • No adverse events

  • 95% reported satisfaction

  • 90% would recommend to friends

  • 92% reported results met expectations

  • Patients can immediately return to work and normal life routine

  • Three treatments are suggested, every 30 days, with ONE annual maintenance treatment.

Real Patients. Real Stories. Lasers for the Vagina work!

  • “Life Changing”

  • “Saved my marriage”

  • “Went back to playing tennis and other sports, with confidence!”

  • “Went from 0 to 100 in two weeks”

  • "Now I feel confident and sexy."

  • “My mom feels like a million bucks. My dad said she literally went from 0-100 in 2 weeks.”

Clinical Evidence for the CO2 vaginal laser: tissue as seen under microscope

CO2 laser vaginal rejuvention Femtouch

* Ex-vivo porcine study not indicative of clinical results

Click below to learn of some of the benefits of laser vaginal therapy:

A lack of vaginal lubrication in response to sexual stimulation or chronic vaginal dryness may have an underlying cause. The Goddess Laser vaginal rejuvenation helps to balance the vaginal pH which can result in healthier vaginal lubrication.


By creating a healthier vaginal mucosal layer and tissue, painful sex can be reduced and the female orgasm may actually be intensified!

Pain with Sex/Orgasm

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), is the involuntary loss of urine caused by physical activity, coughing/sneezing.  The Goddess vaginal laser can help rebuild the lost collagen resulting in fewer leaks!

Stress Urinary Incontinence

Vaginal laxity is a loosening or loss of elasticity of the skin and tissue in the vaginal area. With the CO2 Goddess Laser for vaginal rejuvenation, a desirable depth of penetration ensures full thickness treatment and for vaginal tightening. 


"I purposely did not tell my husband that I was having this procedure, because I wanted to see if he would notice on his own. (The scientific method demands at least one "blind" and completely objective participant!) I was advised to abstain from sex for a week after the procedure. Once the week was up, I resumed sexual activity--and yes, he noticed. He didn't ask why, or what, or how--but he definitely noticed! Reviewer

Improve your Sexual Health Today!

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