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Warming Therapy for Pelvic Pain- Moxa

Thank you to our guest blogger, Michael Jamlang, Certified Acupuncturist, on the Traditional Chinese Medicine technique of Moxa:

Introducing the Humble Moxa

Moxa traditionally is made from of a single theraputic plant called Ai Ye or Mugwort in western phytoceutical terminolgy. Taken internally in a Chinese herbal formula, it has the ability to warm the limbs and abdomen and mediate pain. Most times, the Ai Ye leaves are dried and rolled into a cylinder about an inch in diameter to form what's called a moxa stick. The moxa stick is lighted on one end to burn slowly and is put close to the skin to provide a comfortable penetrating heat that also has the ability to warm the limbs and abdomen and mediate pain. Moxa therapy can be taken by itself but is often a soothing part of an acupuncture treatment.

Indications when moxa warming may be appropriate:

Cold hands and/or feet

Cramping in abdomen

Tight, aching muscles and back


Inability to concieve

Pelvic pain

Indigestion and/or bloating


Overactive bladder or bedwetting in children

At the Gynecology Institute, we recognize integration of Traditional Chinese medicine and Alternative medicine techniques as an important aspect of whole healing. Visit us today!

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