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What's Foam Rolling?

foam rolling

Everyone knows that core muscles are important for everyday health, but did you know that your core is also important to your vaginal health as well? Having strong core muscles can help strengthen your vaginal wall improving intercourse, prevent urine incontinence, and invigorate orgasms. There are several ways to increase your core strength. One great way is foam rolling.

Foam rolling increases blood flow to body, expands range of motion, and strengthens the core muscles. Our friend, Briana Kline of Roots of Integrity Holistic Fitness and Wellness, is teaching an 85 minute, small group foam roller workshop at her holistic fitness boutique. This workshop will teach participants the benefits of foam rolling that include core strengthening and alignment. The workshop is available for clients of all levels. The Gynecology of Institute clients receive 10 dollars off your class!

Click HERE to learn more about Roots of Integrity!

Happy foam rolling!

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