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Unplanned Pregnancy?

Making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy is a highly personal choice. We are here at Gynecology Institute of Chicago will provide accurate information and compassionate care to help you understand what options are best for you.

What are the options?

Realizing you are pregnant in a post Roe world can be an overwhelming experience. Here in Illinois there are 3 options that are available to any person who is pregnant.

Parenting - This is for patients who decide that carrying the pregnancy and raising the child is right for them. While we here at GIC do not provide ongoing obstetrical care we can help find the provider for you. This decision can ensure that you receive the best obstetrical care to fit your needs. Just like making a decision on a pregnancy is personal, so is choosing your obstetrician.

Abortion - In Illinois women of any age are able to receive an abortion by their medical provider without parental consent. There are two types of abortions offered. We offer medication abortion along with all the information and care that you may need. Medication abortions can be done in the comfort of your own home and are available up to a gestational age of 10 weeks. We offer medication abortion right in our office or you can take the medications at home. If a medication abortion is not the right option for you I we can refer you out to a provider who we know you can trust to perform a surgical abortion. These can be done up until about 24 weeks here in Illinois.

Adoption - Adoption can be an option to consider for an unplanned pregnancy. This is similar to the parenting option mentioned above, however at the end of the pregnancy the baby is given up and you would not be the one raising them. If this is the choice for you we can refer to an obstetrician as well as providing information on resources available.

What is options counseling?

Schedule an appointment today for options counseling. You will be able to meet with us in a warm environment where we will confirm your pregnancy as well as how far along you are. With this information we can talk through the 3 options available and come up with a plan that is right for you. Once a decision is made we can provide treatment or refer you to the provider whom we know will be a great fit for you. Unplanned pregnancy can be a scary time. When you come to see us at Gynecology Institute of Chicago you are not alone and we understand that it is your body, your choice.

Yours truly,

Holly Robson, WHNP

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